Greg Golightly

Sep 1, 2014

I’m sure as shit getting this outfit worn before tomorrow

I’m sure as shit getting this outfit worn before tomorrow

Aug 31, 2014

I kinda feel like they are playing a bit loose with the unattributed quotes

I kinda feel like they are playing a bit loose with the unattributed quotes

Aug 30, 2014

Windy lake

Windy lake

Aug 21, 2014

feeling bad?  Do not watch HBO’s the Leftovers.  I am not sure how much longer I will stick with it.  Well made, compelling, and so on.  But wow is it dark.  Much darker than an already dark book.

Aug 20, 2014

Glad car was not there.  Or the kids as they wait for the bus

Glad car was not there. Or the kids as they wait for the bus

Aug 20, 2014

Letting Go of Attachment, from A to Zen : zenhabits

A very good read - read it.  Then do it again.

Then read in a month.

Then later on

Aug 8, 2014

Idea for new Geico commercial w/ Axl Rose

One of the ‘well, did you know’ ads.

Well, did you know Axl Rose is not a good wayfinder

[Fat Axl from a few years ago with yellow hat and coat— is by an information stand at a big amusement park]

[Dopey looking dad with family comes up]

DAD - Yes, I was looking for the Batman Coaster


DAD - um, well, no … see that is why we are asking

AXL - you’re in the Jungle baby

DAD - that’s not exactly right … I think it is called 6 flags

AXL - and you’re gonna DIEEEEE

DAD - right.  I will just see if we can find it

Aug 2, 2014

Hammock last weekend of summer (based on school calendar) #vscocam

Hammock last weekend of summer (based on school calendar) #vscocam

Jul 20, 2014

#Wawasee #centuryboats #vscocam

#Wawasee #centuryboats #vscocam

Jul 18, 2014

Beach day in northern Indiana #vscocam

Beach day in northern Indiana #vscocam

Jul 15, 2014

Listening to new Rise Against record.  So far so good - not exactly a departure from their core sound or ideals - but no reason to do so, right?

Although I am quite left learning and agree with most of all their stances, I do find that a purpose only band (meaning everything has to have a message) can get a bit fatiguing.  But since they are only one of many bands I really like this is fine in big picture.  

Apr 5, 2014

Spring Break 2014 wrap up

We had a lovely trip.  We have traveled to beaches with kids over the past decade, from Myrtle Beach to Gulf Shores to Marco Island (this was our 3rd time there).  We have always had other people with us and this was a bit different.  Just the 4 of us.  At times I was better just us, at times not as good.  Partially because we have traveled with some great people - Straws, my Mom, and or Jill’s family.  I really am so lucky to have Jill and these kids.  There is nothing more I could ask for.  We all make each other laugh, think, care and want to be better people.  

This was our first spring break and honestly as we total the actual cost, it will likely be our last.  Maybe if we drove … but going far enough south to make sure of good weather is a long drive.  

We did very very little. And that is just fine.  We were at the pool or the beach most of the day, every day.  We ate dinner in our condo every night but one, and cooked for all those except last night we got pizza.  

We did breakfast ourselves every day.

We did all but 2 lunches in our condo.  One was day one before our place was ready and one was last day as we were tired of the sandwiches we were making.

The travel was almost silly good.  Early morning Saturday flight - parked in long term and was on a shuttle in 5 minutes.  Check in was so fast I ended up not even being done with my latte before we went to security.  Security was fast.  Flight was bumpy, but right on time.  5 minutes to get a rental car (ended up in a nice Mazda CX9).  Condo ready on time.  Flight back - car return in 5 minutes, 10 minute check in, 15 minute security.  On time flight that was smooth until landing in high winds in Indy.  

Condo was okay.  Not all that high end, but quiet and great location.  And clean enough. It was kind of crazy in that you had use a key to get anywhere …onto property from beach or parking lot (which totally makes sense) as well into pool bathroom and main building (both of which are inside of the outer locked perimeter).  And it employed one of the least pleasant cleaning persons I have ever seen.  Every morning I would come back from Starbucks with my hands full - after somehow getting past the two gates I had to get through only to find her cleaning one of the two elevators (holding it open) which means the other would not come down.  She would not even act like she cared she was wasting people’s times.  First day, after 10 minutes I had to use the pool bathroom as I could not wait.  Then I learned to take stairs to floor 2 and then up (we were on 15).  

I read a few books.  Had fun with my kids and wife.  And we all relaxed.  2014 has been chaos for us.  Jan and part of Feb seemed to be in flux due to all the snow days.  And then Jill’s dad’s (are both of those words supposed to get a possessive apostrophe?) health turned very bad that ended in his passing a few weeks ago.  Jill and I, and thus our kids, do better in a repeatable pattern and as such this first quarter have been very hard.  We both relaxed and I think we are ready things to quiet down some.  

I read the 2nd divergent book - Holly is done with series and we started them together.  Don’t love 1st or 2nd book to be honest.  Not bad, just never really cared about anyone.  Read a mediocre book.  And one good one - Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (she did Elinor and Park, my favorite book of last year).  It is good and a perfect beach book.  Not as great as E&P by any means, but good.  

I love Marco Island.  I have great memories (thanks 3x to Buis Family).  Jill and I went with her family in summer of 2003; Jill and I only in Fall or 2004; Jill and her family - by that point way too many people in 2007); and then this trip in 2014.  It is a truly beautiful island that never feels overcrowded or too touristy.   

Mar 19, 2014

Winter fades away

Winter fades away

Mar 18, 2014

Quiet moment

Quiet moment

Feb 23, 2014

"I am not a fan of things being open on Sundays, and expecting people to work"

—What I just overheard from a customer at a restaurant. On a Sunday